Are Collision Avoidance Systems Really Necessary?

collision avoidance system

“Hey, watch this, kids,” I said as I lifted my feet off the pedals off my 2013 Subaru Legacy. “This car’s so cool because it senses cars in front of it and stops itself.”

I should mention that I was on the Interstate going about 60 miles per hour as traffic up ahead slowed to a crawl.

With my car careening toward the brake lights, I trusted the car would perform as it always has and apply the brakes before I even had to worry.

Except I started to worry.

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Cars That Avoid Collisions… From the Front, at Least

2013 Subaru Legacy, front side

“My car won’t let me rear-end anyone,” she said.

It’s true. The 2013 Subaru Legacy equipped with EyeSight automatically applies the brakes and stops the car when it detects another automobile in its path.

The first time I drove my girlfriend’s car, it was quite a disconcerting feeling to keep my foot off the brake when approaching a line of cars at a stop light. Just as advertised, though, the car came to a gentle stop without any input from me at all.

Now I hardly notice when we have adaptive cruise control on and the car slows itself on the highway when heavy traffic is ahead. We both trust the car to slow down, and stop, when needed. Truth be told, and I won’t mention any names here, but someone I know even drove with her feet out the window while navigating heavy traffic caused by a car accident.

You can imagine the stares.

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