Dubai Police Show Extreme Force… of Extravagance


My 11-year-old son is years ahead of the times regarding police vehicles.

Since he was about 9, he’s been bewildered by the fact that most police cars are old Fords. He can’t quite grasp that those old Crown Victorias have an ample amount of scoot when needed and are pretty darn capable of getting their work done.

Almost every time he sees a police car, he says the same thing:

“Dad, why don’t police drive faster cars? If they all got Veyrons, no one would ever outrun them.”

Budgets seem to be another concept he has yet to grasp.

If he lived in Dubai, though, things would be quite different.

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Cars Coming Soon: Aston Martin Vanquish

Aston Martin Vanquish

Can a car be brutal and beautiful at the same time?

In my book, Aston Martin has built the most beautiful cars on the planet for most of the last two decades. The company never really crossed into “brutal” territory until the super-exclusive One-77 came rolling off the bespoke automaker’s hand-built assembly line. That hypercar, though, lost the beauty so ingrained in Aston lore.

With the Aston Martin DBS aging out of production, the company has the opportunity to replace it with a car that finally melds brute and beauty into one machine.

The new Aston Martin Vanquish appears to have done it.

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Aston Martin’s 2013 DBS Coming, with 550 hp

Aston Martin 0ne-77, front

You cannot put 550 hp in a car without paying the closest attention to its other systems—in other words, steering, braking, handling, suspension, weight, etc. That is obvious, and that is why the 662-hp Mustang Shelby GT500 is a bad joke, even at its $55k price.

The horsepower wars are typically American, kind of like trying to pack the most calories into a Big Mac. Adding more bacon and cheese doesn’t make the meat any better.

Aston Martin’s much-revised 2013 DBS is supposedly based (in styling, at least) on the One-77 supercar shown above. That V12 beast has 750 hp, which, you can be sure, will be perfectly applied to the ground.

The more-or-less custom-built One-77 (only 77 cars built, now sold out) began around $1.5 million. The present DBS starts at $275K. You simply cannot achieve anything close to that kind of performance for $55K. Aston Martin hasn’t released prices yet and has said very little on what the 2013 DBS will cost.

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