Under Indian Ownership, Jaguar Claws Back

Jaguar C-X16

Prepare yourself for a litter-ful of cat cliches, because this blog is about to go feral!

In 2008, Jaguar had the meow of a newborn kitten. It was hard to watch, as I’d been a Jag fan for years, lusting after the sweet curves of the E-Type, snapping my head at any sighting of an XK and then, finally, buying a new 2004 X-Type. That X-Type, though, is one reason things were going downhill. The car was a sales disaster. Things looked bad for Jaguar. So bad, in fact, the once-regal British motor company was purchased by an unknown company in, of all places, India.

Many wrote Jaguar off.

I wondered if Tata Motors, the Indian firm with the funny name, could save the embattled Brits. As soon as the new Jaguar XF showed its ferocious face, I knew my beloved Jag would not only be okay, but once again roar back toward the top of the luxury game. The redesigned XJ and XK further proved my gut feelings.

Today, Jaguar is primed to become a player in luxury sales charts. And more new cars, and good news, are on the way.

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Cars Coming Soon: Finally, a Jaguar to Fight the Porsche Boxster

Jaguar C-X16

A Jaguar sports car to sit under the XK is one of two things in this world certain to hit the market, yet set back by years of rumors and false starts.

The other was the Guns N’ Roses album Chinese Democracy.

I’m proud to say I won a Dr. Pepper on the GNR bet, and now it’s been confirmed that the next Jaguar will indeed come to market. When, exactly, remains unknown, but the C-X16 will debut in concept form at the Frankfurt Motor Show this month.

The concept will come in coupe form, which technically makes it a Porsche Cayman fighter. I’d bet a Dr. Pepper that a production version, likely dubbed the XE, will include a cabriolet too, thus giving the Boxster something to have nightmares about. I mean, just look at the thing. It looks like… well… just like every other sports coupe ever penned by lead designer Ian Callum. To which I say: fantastic.

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