New Benz CSC Coupe Is No Hyundai

It pains me to take issue with my amigo tgriffith. He recently affirmed that the new Mercedes-Benz CSC Coupe, to debut at Beijing next week, ”feels to me like a cross between the fluidic Genesis Coupe and Sonata sedan, with a little bit of Volvo in the front end.”

I don’t know what he was drinking when he wrote that, but now that we have a full set of photos of the Concept Style Coupe, you can see for yourselves that the poor fellow was in the grip of an unfortunate fantasy. We all have our hazy days.

I’ll show you pix of the Sonata after the break, which does bear some small resemblance to the CSC—but so do many other cars, including the Volkswagen CC and Benz’s own CLS cars. The Genesis Coupe (above) looks nothing like the CSC and is one of the most wretched examples of Hyundai design.

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Cars Coming Soon: Mercedes-Benz CSC Takes Design Lesson from Hyundai

Understated luxury, ultimate elegance and pavement-peeling performance.

Those are terms I think of when I think of Mercedes-Benz. Even the outrageous SLS AMG has a certain laid-back coolness without seeming like it’s trying too hard to be awesome.

I’m not sure I can say the same thing about the vehicle you see above. That’s the M-B Concept Style Coupe, or CSC. Despite its name, the car is actually a compact sedan which will take on the likes of the Audi A3. And yes, there’s a good chance the production version will come to the States.

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