Next Honda CR-V Loses Underbite, Gets Big-Boy Face

2012 Honda CR-V

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen, the 2012 Honda CR-V.

Well, the concept version anyway, which Honda confirms will debut at the Orange County International Auto Show in Anaheim, Calif., in September 2011.

The current CR-V, which debuted in showrooms in 2007, looks a lot like any other CR-V, except it developed a severe underbite and lost its rear-mounted spare tire. The current double grille looks like a Shih Tzu I once owned: exceptionally ugly but somehow kind of endearing with its lower jaw protruding out well beyond the upper.

Eventually though, the look gets irritating, and like the Shih Tzu, you just kind of hope you’ll wake up one morning and it will be gone.

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