Farewell to the Models That Won’t Return for 2016

2014 Honda Crosstour

Every year, we are greeted with new and exciting cars to ogle, question, revere, and, at times, deride. The arrival of fresh metal, however, brings with it the retirement of models automakers deemed either to be under-performing or as having simply run their course. The departure of various models can be a mixed bag. Some discontinuations, like the revered Honda S2000 (2000–2009), are met with disappointment. Others, such as the Cadillac Cimarron (1982–1988), leave us wondering how a car like that could have lasted 7 years in the first place. The transition from 2015 to 2016 is no different; some of these cars we’ll miss, others we won’t. Continue reading >>>

Next to Go: Toyota Venza, Honda Crosstour, or Ford Edge?


Yesterday came the surprising news that the Volkswagen Beetle could be axed in favor of something new.

Less surprising is the recent announcement that the Toyota Venza will go extinct within a couple of months.

The Venza, which I like to call a cross between a Camry and an AMC Eagle, was supposed to be a huge hit. It was supposed to drive off dealer lots in droves and be exactly what Americans wanted; a large 4-door, cavernous cross between a wagon and a sedan.

It turns out Americans would rather just have the sedan.

Could the Venza’s exit be a precursor of what to expect from Ford and Honda?

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Cars Coming Soon: Updates for Honda Crosstour, a Better Civic and a New Lexus Stunner

Lexus LF-LC concept

Lexus: The Car Company for Stodgy Old People.

There was a time when that could have been the slogan for the Japanese luxury brand. The popular LS 400 is what the “in” crowd of 60+ year-olds had to be seen driving. The era of comfortable cruising cars continued with the LS 460, and Lexus’ reputation for offering “Toyotas with a spit shine” continued with its ES and GS cars. The RX, GX and LX SUVs were, and are, popular among moms in upper-class suburbia.

What Lexus never stood for before was sexy performance.

But then something incredible happened.

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