The Best Driver’s Cars of 2012

2012 Motor Trend Best Driver's Car test

Anytime a list like this gets published, lots of opinions are built into the equation.

One person might call the Subaru WRX the year’s best driver’s car, while another would bestow the honor on the BMW M3. How a car drives and reacts to input is an incredibly subjective experience and open to interpretation by many different styles of drivers.

That said, there are some mainstays in the perennial quest to find the best car for drivers. Not just go-to-the-store drivers, but the drivers who understand the value of properly warmed tires, a perfect apex and heel-toe shifting.

Keep reading for Motor Trend‘s surprising list of the year’s best driver’s cars, ranked 9 to 1.

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The Sweetest Rides of the LA Auto Show

The city of Los Angeles and I have a long love/hate history. The traffic along the 110 brings out unmentionable evil thoughts. The traffic in Beverly Hills inspires feelings of pure love, though that’s mostly due to the rumble of Maseratis.

I love the ocean. I hate the heat. I love Disneyland. I hate earthquakes. You get the idea.

I also love the annual LA Auto Show, a showcase of shiny awesomeness with a hint of the kind of extravagance only LA can provide. This year’s show has featured plenty of exciting cars, some of the most interesting of which are shown after the jump.

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Fun Car Videos to End the Week

Maybe you’ve wondered what it takes to produce the most expensive car commercial ever. Or perhaps, like many card-holding car enthusiasts, you harbor an unquenchable desire to watch sleek coupes scream through empty roads (or in some cases, whoosh silently across them).

Maybe you just fantasize about driving cars through a shopping mall while accompanied by pretty girls.

This week’s batch of car vids features a raging Jaguar, a silent Tesla, the making of Poseidon and a shopping-mall trip like no other.


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