Can Kia Compete With Porsche?

Porsche Panamera Exclusive

This is a crazy world in which we live.

If you’ll recall, our planet was nearly knocked off its axis by the outcry of Porsche purists who derided the loss of the brand when Porsche announced the four-door Panamera.

Apparently all has been forgiven, because the latest, and most expensive, Panamera to date has just sold out. At over $300,000 each.

As if the Panamera weren’t big and bloated enough, this ultra-luxurious version has been stretched even more and priced out of the stratosphere, but still managed to sell all 100 copies in less than 48 hours.

In the meantime, Kia has taken note of the German success and wants to replicate it on a budget.

Crazy, right?

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What Would You Name This New Kia?

Kia KH concept

Remember the Kia GT concept?

It was a stunner of a car that signaled Kia’s entrance into the performance realm, along with a fresh design that placed Kia firmly in the good graces of mainstream car guys. Sleek looks on a 390-hp RWD sports coupe will tend to do that!

The thing is, after revealing such a cool concept, Kia’s next car should probably adhere, at least a little bit, to the expectations and design themes the concept presented. Coming out with a gelatinous blob won’t go far with car fans.

Yet, when I opened my Facebook page yesterday, a Kia-shaped blob is what stared back at me. A blob in need of a name.

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