An Unending Quest to Drive a Lamborghini

Lamborghini Murcielago 670-4 SV

I just want to take one for a drive...

I’m in the market for a Lamborghini.

I don’t want to buy one (well, I do, but my finances don’t agree), though—I want to rent one. For a day. I want 12 hours of Lamborghini excitement where I can forget about any problems in life and just experience the ethereal bliss that comes with driving a Raging Bull.

My only problem is I can’t find one. My city doesn’t have an exotic-car rental service. I was planning a trip to Boise and thought maybe I’d have luck there. No go. Well, except I did find a company that will transport a Lamborghini from Miami to Boise for me. For the price, though, I might as well put a down payment on a car of my own.

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Man Wins Lamborghini, Man Crashes Lamborghini

Lamborghini winner

Regular people shouldn’t have access to supercars.

The reason supercars cost so much is so regular Joe Schmo can never afford to buy one. Ever. Because everyone knows that if Mr. Schmo ever got his foot into the accelerator pedal of a supercar, there’s a high likelihood that he’d kill himself. Or someone else. Or spin out, fall off a roadway and end up stranded in a field.

The people who can afford supercars typically aren’t any better at driving, but at least they can afford the track time or driving lessons. Joe Schmo will just test his new machine on public suburban roads, and that never ends well.

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