The Sweetest Rides of the LA Auto Show

The city of Los Angeles and I have a long love/hate history. The traffic along the 110 brings out unmentionable evil thoughts. The traffic in Beverly Hills inspires feelings of pure love, though that’s mostly due to the rumble of Maseratis.

I love the ocean. I hate the heat. I love Disneyland. I hate earthquakes. You get the idea.

I also love the annual LA Auto Show, a showcase of shiny awesomeness with a hint of the kind of extravagance only LA can provide. This year’s show has featured plenty of exciting cars, some of the most interesting of which are shown after the jump.

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Cars Coming Soon: Will Lincoln’s New Smile Change Everything?

2012 Lincoln MKT

I happen to think Lincoln’s current grille is, to put it mildly, quite disfiguring.

If the Honda CR-V is the vehicle with the biggest underbite, the current Lincolns sport one of the heaviest overbites ever applied to an automotive fascia. It’s awkward on all models, but none more than the Beluga whale that is the MKT.

There has been plenty of talk from parent company Ford about its desire to revamp the Lincoln line and make it a world-class luxury brand. With a billion dollars being pumped into Lincoln’s rebuild, Ford knows the vehicles have to look the part, and the current “waterfall grille” isn’t going to do it. Expect a completely different Lincoln look to debut on the MKS and MKT at the LA Auto Show this November.

In addition to new looks, Ford wants to make sure the Lincoln driving experience is differentiated from the average Fusion and Flex, so the refreshed models will ride atop revised suspensions, redone brakes and updated steering.

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