Volkswagen Dealers Could Sue to “Stop the Insanity”


If you think this is a tough time to be a Volkswagen owner, imagine what it must be like to be a Volkswagen dealer.

Amidst the ongoing (and months-long) diesel emissions scandal, governments, regulators, and the general car-buying public are pounding Volkswagen. With sales already hurting, the German automaker may also have to contend with the revolt of a group of fed-up dealers.

Just a couple of years ago, Volkswagen had its sights set on becoming the largest automaker in the world, preparing its dealerships to sell upwards of 800,000 vehicles per year. The dealers invested over a billion dollars to get ready for the onslaught of customers. Instead, sales have fallen to below 350,000 vehicles per year, and dealer owners are feeling ignored by a heavily distracted Volkswagen, which is busy dealing with potential recalls and pending lawsuits.

Now dealers are mobilizing to stop the insanity.

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