The New Face of Police Cars Is a Mommy-Mobile

Explorer police

I thought I was caught.

As you know from yesterday, I am not a speeder. I’ve received my fair share of speeding tickets in my life, and I don’t want to receive any more. I rarely drive faster than 5 mph over the limit, which is the bane of existence for my lovely wife.

Last week, though, I thought I was going to get lit up, because a police vehicle had suddenly changed lanes directly behind me. I wasn’t speeding, but I was towing a trailer that had an expired registration and non-functional lights. I thought I was had. But then the “police vehicle” changed lanes again and passed me.

It turns out the Ford Explorer wasn’t a police vehicle at all—it was just an Explorer.

Who would’ve guessed that a family SUV would become the new face of police cars?

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Dubai Police Show Extreme Force… of Extravagance


My 11-year-old son is years ahead of the times regarding police vehicles.

Since he was about 9, he’s been bewildered by the fact that most police cars are old Fords. He can’t quite grasp that those old Crown Victorias have an ample amount of scoot when needed and are pretty darn capable of getting their work done.

Almost every time he sees a police car, he says the same thing:

“Dad, why don’t police drive faster cars? If they all got Veyrons, no one would ever outrun them.”

Budgets seem to be another concept he has yet to grasp.

If he lived in Dubai, though, things would be quite different.

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