Ugly Is Irrelevant: 2012 Range Rover Evoque

The new Land Rover Range Rover (why do they name their cars like this?) Evoque (pronounced “evok” or “evoke”?) was launched at the Tate Gallery in Liverpool, an ugly building in itself. The Brits are going mad with the Evoque’s incipient success.

Tata Motors and Jaguar Land Rover PLC execs must also be dancing in whatever streets they dance in.

Apparently, LR has received over 20,000 pre-orders for the car, 6,000 from the U.S. Price will be $43,995 MSRP for the 5-door; add $1,000 for the coupe; three trim levels take you higher, to over $50K. The only engine for the U.S. is a Ford-sourced 2-liter EcoTec turbo with 240 hp. No diesel, no V6, big mistake.

I’ve written about the ugliness of this car before, but our CG readers disagreed: This piece drew lots of comments, almost all of which were in high favor of the car’s looks. The Evoque is going to be popular, not because it’s a great car, but because its looks are hot with a large segment of the public.

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Land Rover May Get Its Roots Back

The Land Rover Defender has been around in something like its present form since 1944. Like the Jeep, it evolved from a successful military light truck in World War II, and the Defender got its own badge in 1948. A good history is here, and the Brits have loved that beast forever.

It’s probably the best off-roader in the world, certainly an icon. In the past, the car had its problems getting certified in the U.S., and the company finally moved upmarket to its Discovery and Range Rover models.

Now, with Tata calling the shots, LR has come forward with a concept redesign for the Defender, called the DC100 (above), a far cry from the utilitarian, in-your-face, bone-rattling Defenders of the past.

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Cars Coming Soon: Bigger Land Rover Evoque, More Powerful Buick LaCrosse, Bugatti Galibier Update

Land Rover Range Rover Evoque

The Grand Evoque.

The name sounds like it could be a lot of things: an important spiritual ritual, a video game character, a Buick… But in this case the Grand Evoque is something else entirely: a bigger version of the Land Rover Ranger Rover Evoque. (We hope that if the car comes to fruition, it won’t be called the Land Rover Range Rover Grand Evoque. Horrible name!)

Autocar says Land Rover may already be considering up-sizing its Evoque mini-ute, a vehicle originally conceived to give Land Rover fans a smaller, more fuel efficient crossover option. A bigger fuel-saver sounds a bit counter-intuitive, no?

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