The Three Worst Super Bowl Car Commercials

FIAT 500x Super Bowl ad

I heard that Pierce Brosnan would be in a Kia ad during the Super Bow, and I immediately thought, “Well, that’ll go down in history as the worst Super Bowl car ad ever.”

But it wasn’t. It was fantastic.

Then I saw the FIAT ad for the new 500X… and, well, I think it might have been the best Super Bowl car ad ever.

And so I got thinking… there have been a lot of great Super Bowl car ads. Every blog in the world has covered that. But what about the worst Super Bowl car ads? There were three of them yesterday.

Let’s take a look.

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Did You Like the Super Bowl Car Ads?


I didn’t think anything could have disappointed me while watching my hometown Seahawks dominate the Super Bowl. Every interception and touchdown filled me with glee, but each super-hyped automobile ad that rolled by stole a little of that cheer.

The car ads didn’t make sense. They were predictable. Even the surprise ads fell flat. On Friday I wrote that I hoped Chrysler would come through and save the day with an ad that would stop us in our tracks.

Chrysler did surprise us, as I’d hoped, but the ad with Bob Dylan failed to impress. In fact, it left me feeling like the company just gave up and used an old formula. Not only did the message lose my attention, Dylan looked moments away from passing out as he said, “Let Germany brew your beer, let Switzerland make your watch, let Asia assemble your phone. We will build your car.”

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Place Your Bets! The Best Super Bowl Commercial Will Be…

Clint Eastwood Chrysler ad

I have a really hard time with the fact that most Super Bowl ads can be viewed online right now. I treasure the memories of Super Bowls past, when the Broncos were getting whooped by the 49ers, Redskins and Giants. I miss the times that Macintosh shocked the world with 1984 and Coke made us cry with Mean Joe Greene.

I miss the days when Super Bowl ads were surprises.

In these modern times, Super Bowl ads are promoted like movies, shown on YouTube and shared on Facebook with reckless abandon. By the time the game comes around, the ads are old news.

We know exactly what companies will advertise, and we know exactly what they are going to say. Where’s the fun in that?

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Super Bowl Ads Shouldn’t Be Seen Before the Super Bowl

Honda's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad

I don’t believe that Super Bowl ads should be shown prior to the Super Bowl.

I know companies love the extra hype and attention it brings, but to me, it’s like when a movie preview shows all the funny parts. It sucks all the joy out of the actual movie.

While I enjoy the Super Bowl for the football, the ads have always been a fun surprise bonus. Now it seems companies want to take that surprise away.

Auto companies, according to Neilsen, advertise more than any other industry during the Super Bowl. That’s really cool, but I don’t want to see their ads until Sunday evening. In protest of all the early debuts and blatant self-promotion, I have refused to watch a single Super Bowl ad, even though they abound on YouTube and every automotive blog in existence.

Some of the ads look really funny and are videos I’d watch in a second if they were not Super Bowl ads. I’m a Jerry Seinfeld fanatic. I really like the Suzuki Kizashi. Videos featuring Victoria’s Secret models tend to get my attention. Volkswagen’s Little Vader is rumored to be making a return. Ferris Bueller’s coming back for Honda. Count me in! Just not yet.

Instead of showing you all the commercials here, I’ll show you pictures from some. You’ve probably already seen the ads, but I’m excited to watch the game and see them in the environment they were meant to be seen in. What about you?

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