Supercar or Supertuner: How Would You Spend Your Money?

Ruf CTR3

Any regular old Joe with a hundred thousand dollars or so can buy a Porsche 911. Or a host of other super-capable, fast, fun cars that will provide plenty of thrills and second looks from passers by on the streets.

For some people, though, it’s just not enough to buy a car and keep it in the same form as the day it rolled off the factory assembly line. For them, tuning houses will happily make customizations to improve horsepower, speed and design. Well, maybe I shouldn’t include design in that sentence, as certain body kits and other mods don’t always improve the aesthetics of a car… especially one already as perfect as the 911!

There comes a point, though, where spending ungodly amounts of money on tuning just doesn’t make sense considering the caliber of car that could be purchased with the same money. An article at CNN Money highlights some of the top “supertuner” cars, but I’d like to put in my two cents on a few of them. There are just better ways to spend your money!

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