Too Much Turbo? Next BMW M3 Could Pack Tri-Turbo Straight Six


The good people over at British magazine Auto Express have never been ones to back away from a rumor.

One of the most intriguing products the rumor mill has churned out lately is this: The next BMW M3 could come packing a tri-turbo straight six.

Yup. Three turbos. Well, more precisely, two conventional exhaust-powered turbochargers and a third electric turbo. Which sounds to me more like a supercharger, but I suppose “supercharged bi-turbo M3” doesn’t roll off the tongue quite like “tri-turbo” does. I have heard rumblings of electric-assisted hybrid turbos, to help spool up boost before exhaust gases can take over. Maybe that’s what BMW has up its sleeve.

Regardless of what it’s called, the rumor signals yet another change in engines for the legendary M3.

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