Comparison Shopping: Ford Versus Ferrari?


Here’s a dilemma that doesn’t come up often: Would you get an old Ferrari or a new Ford?

An article on Top Gear raised that general question, and while things are a little different over in Europe, it applies here as well. The Ferrari in question is the 348, a midengine, rear-wheel-drive V8 2-seater built between 1988 and 1995. Fewer than 9,000 were built, which might make you think the car has appreciated in value over time.

Not so much.

It’s not cheap by any means, but here in the U.S. a 348 can be found for around $35,000. In the UK, prices are generally about 25,000 pounds, which is the number Top Gear used for comparison.

On our turf, we’ll stick with the $35K number. For that you’ll get a 25-year old car, a potential maintenance nightmare and a striking looker that’ll send your friends and neighbors head over heels. Is it worth getting one over a comparably priced new car like a Mustang GT?

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Are You Seeing More Exotics in Your City?

Ferrari 458 Italia

I don’t live in California. Malibu and Beverly Hills are a good 1,200 miles and 18 hours away by car. In my quiet little corner of Washington State, I’m more likely to see Ford trucks than Ferraris. There are more Plymouths here than pimped-out Paganis.

That’s probably true anywhere, but lately I’m noticing more exotics and customized rides that would be more at home on the highways of Southern California than on the pitted and potholed streets of my hometown.

A Nissan GT-R passed me in traffic recently, causing my heart rate to double. An Audi R8 zipped through traffic on the highway, effectively removing my attention from all other cars in the vicinity.

Then, the mother lode:

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The Exotic Used Car: Worth Dreaming About

2006 Ferrari F430

There’s a special moment all car enthusiasts experience at least once in their lives. However fleeting it may be, the moment is a little something called: possibility.

It’s when all scenarios in your head line up and something amazing seems possible: owning the exotic you’ve always dreamed of owning.

Maybe the moment is set off by seeing a car for sale and entertaining the brief thought of looking at it. Maybe the price is just a hair lower than you expected and you think of ways you could make it work. That’s usually followed by imagining your garage door slowly opening and exposing the freshly polished nose of your dream car.

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