Kia takes its Kue

Kia Kue concept

You’ve probably seen the commercials for the recent Kia clearance sale where the sales reps do a little dance and sing “So Long, Farewell” as their vehicles roll out of the dealership. The same song may apply to Kia’s budget-conscious reputation if you suspend your disbelief after seeing the Kue crossover concept at the Detroit Auto Show.

The Korean carmaker certainly turned some heads with the Kue’s streamlined design and 4.6 L, 400 hp V8 engine with 5 speed automatic transmission that you can switch to manual. The 2 door hatchback seats 4 and measures 186 inches from grille to tail. In addition, the hatch in the back has 2 hinged doors that open outward for easy access to storage.

The interior features gray and red trim on the seats with LCD displays on the back of each front seat headrest. Touch pads and motion sensors help passengers control the climate and settings.

Expect the Kue to come out in some form sometime next year. Until then, Kia will need to figure out how to bridge the gap in its automotive evolution.

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