Coupe de Grace! The 2008 Scion tC–More Elegant Than Ever

2008 Scion tc

With all the Chicago Auto Show buzz about the bigger new Scion xB, and the replacement of the xA by the new xD, a lot of the automotive press kind of forgot about the changes promised for the 2008 Scion tC. Not our friends at, though. Their coverage of the new look for the Scion tC coupe had me starry-eyed over the graceful, sleek revamp of the little car that could.

The official press release describes the redesigned front fascia as “menacing”. “Menacing”? It’s about as “menacing” as a streamlined Siamese kittycat. The blacked-in headlights and mesh-and-lattice grille give the front end a curvy Art Nouveau feel, and the new taillights are similarly retro. Inside the cockpit, there are a few new hipster touches (a very cool combination meter, for instance) that add to the old-school sportscar vibe.

The Scion tC’s low-slung stance and swooping lines also contribute to its “flashback to elegance” style. But the folks at Toyota know their market niche–they’ve added standard iPod connectivity to their standard sound system (which was already well tricked-out for the price point). And of course, the Scion tC is tuner-friendly; Toyota makes it easy on buyers who want to customize their cars, with a range of enhancement parts available from Toyota Racing Development, as well as a tuner-targeted tC Spec Package trim that comes off the line bare-bones and ready for customization.

With the Scion tC, Toyota’s found the sweet spot at the intersection of affordability, style, and fun. The 2008 Scion tC coupe is definitely going to keep them right in the groove. I can’t wait to test-drive one!

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