Infiniti Crosses Over with the 2008 EX35

These days, it feels like automakers inundate the marketplace with more crossovers than Allen Iverson and Tim Hardaway combined. The latest vehicle to defy conventional classification comes from Nissan’s Infiniti luxury line in the form of the EX35, a mix between an SUV and a coupe. While you may have seen the Infiniti EX concept that debuted at the New York Auto Show last month, don’t expect the same vehicle in the showroom. Infiniti built the EX concept for the sole purpose of showcasing some of the EX35’s innovative features in the body of a taller G35 sedan.

One of the most intriguing features involves a lane departure prevention system. Simply put, peripheral cameras work together with the stability control to paint a picture of your surroundings. When you park, the system relays the data to the screen on your dashboard so you can see everything around you and avoid doling out an unintended love tap to another vehicle. On the road, the system notices if you stray too far out of your lane without signalling and lets off a warning noise to keep you on track. This feature should make driving a little less stressful and a lot safer.

With a capable 3.5 L V6 powertrain, 5 speed automatic transmission, and room for 5 passengers, the EX35 presents an interesting new addition to the Infiniti lineup. Expect this killer crossover to hit your local showroom sometime this fall.

– posted by Taeho Lim

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