What Are the Two Best SUVs to Take Camping?


Happy Memorial Day! Today is the day we celebrate the unofficial arrival of summer, and for many of us that means camping! But what are the very best cars to take on your camping trip? After considering everything from your full-size 4×4 truck to your run-of-the-mill Subaru, I’ve narrowed it down to two of the very best vehicles to take on your next trip.

Honda Element

If your camping trips keep you within state park systems or only slightly off the beaten path, the Element could be the perfect all-in-one vehicle. With available AWD, a removable skylight with shade screen (to keep the bugs out) and ample space to lay a mattress in back, this little SUV could be all you need for a quick weekend away.

Land Rover LR3


This is is the SUV that will take you anywhere. Oh sure, you can drive into the state park and look as rugged as any of the thousands of other people there. But if you want to get somewhere where you can guarantee there won’t be another human for miles, the LR3 is the way to go. Plus, you can get a really cool tent that attaches right to the tailgate area. Awesome!

What car or truck will you take camping this summer? Any advice for other campers?


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