Russian Road: From New York to London


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One of those purposes is road trips. And while we would normally discuss the best cars to take on a road trip, today we share what might become the world’s ultimate road trip.

Living in the United States, it’s currently exceeding difficult to drive to Europe. If we desire to leave the confines of our country we can escape to Canada, migrate to Mexico or, if we’re really ambitious, continue on into the far reaches of South America.

But there’s no driving to London. Yet.

According to CNN, which got the news from The Siberian Times, Russia wants to build a highway across the Bering Strait, and use some of its existing 6,000 miles of highway to build a network that could conceivably allow someone to leave New York by car and arrive in London after traversing some 13,000 miles.

I love ambitious projects and this one would be as cool as anything. The cost would be somewhere in the neighborhood of “trillions of dollars,” though no exact cost, nor budget, is quoted. There’s also another problem: the proposed bridge would connect to the U.S. just north of Nome, Alaska, which is currently not reachable by road.

Back in 2011 a similar story emerged, which would link Russia and the U.S. with a freight tunnel. That project has not gotten underway.

Logistics aside, let’s assume this road was built and it was possible to drive from NY to London. Assuming you drove 60 miles per hour, it would take about nine straight 24-hour days to make the trip. And that’s just one-way.

What car would you want to take from New York to London?


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