CarGurus 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

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We’re counting down the final days of December with a holiday gift guide packed full of items enthusiasts and everyday drivers will love.

Give the drivers in your family peace of mind with these emergency tools as gifts:

  • Portable tire inflator: This is a great tool to have in your trunk for all seasons. It gets its charge from the cigarette lighter and can fill your tire within a few minutes—and it even comes with a flashlight that automatically turns on when the inflator is running, making it easy to track down any valve caps that roll away.
  • DIY Car Kit: You can fill a small box with essentials many drivers never think to have on hand. Think Advil, Tums, baby wipes, extra ChapStick, and spare charging cables. You can also include emergency supplies like jumper cables, extra blankets, water, and a shovel.

Maybe the holidays will give you a chance to get into the great outdoors or embark on a road trip. Here are a few gifts to help:

  • Smartphone mount: If you use Google Maps frequently, you can’t go wrong with a car mount for your smartphone. You can find one that suctions onto the windshield or sits on top of an air vent.
  • Bike rack: For the outdoorsy people in your life, adding a bike rack can make it easier to haul dirty bikes (or skis) to and from the trail without worrying about getting their car’s interior dirty.

Owners of not-new cars might appreciate a gift that will help bring their current ride up to date:

  • Bluetooth car adapter: Most new cars include support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, but if yours doesn’t, a Bluetooth adapter can give you voice control of your car’s music and your smartphone.
  • Reversing camera: A backup camera became required equipment on new cars in the U.S. for the 2018 model year, but you can add that functionality to an older car. While we like the idea of displaying the camera’s view on a smartphone, user reviews suggest a backup camera that can be connected to an existing in-car monitor.

And who can say no to these fun ideas?

  • Lego cars: Last year, we mentioned the Ferrari Lego set for the enthusiasts in your life. Now, Lego has a few more options, including the new Aston Martin DB5 and Porsche 911 GTS R3.
  • Reindeer antlers: These antlers can help the drivers in your life stay in the holiday season long past Christmas. They’re easy to install and waterproof.

What would you add to our holiday shopping list for drivers?

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