“Fast and Furious”: A sneak peek behind the scenes!



“The Fast and the Furious” recently made my list of Best Movies Ever About Cars.

The next movie in the series is “Fast and Furious” (essentially the same movie, but with the word “the” removed). Will it be good enough to make the next list of best movie cars? That’s still to be determined.


Fast and Furious

What I do know is that the special effects behind the movie are just as stunning as the action in the movie is sure to be.

As your special inside connection to the movie world of Los Angeles, I want to share a couple of pictures from the production of “Fast and Furious.”

What do you think – will the new movie be good enough to make my next list about great movie cars?  


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  1. The original Gone In Sixty Seconds from 1974 is an excellent car movie.

    I have not yet seen Vanishing Point, though I understand that is action packed as well.

    Bullitt and Dirty Harry have some good car stuff in them, too, as did Blues Brothers…

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