No More Cars Allowed at the “Crossroads of the World”

Times Square before the traffic ban

Times Square before the traffic ban

New York City has banned traffic on Broadway in the famous Times Square area.

Broadway though Times Square has always been a notoriously traffic-clogged avenue, making life as a pedestrian in the area downright dangerous. Now, rather than a source of drivers’ rage, Times Square is a pedestrian’s playground.

New York’s Transportation Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan says,

It’s good for traffic, it’s good for business and we think it’ll be a great deal of fun.

I agree. In fact, in the name of great fun, I think we should consider banning traffic in other areas, such as:

The Las Vegas Strip

It already takes just as long to drive as it takes to walk, so why not divert traffic and allow tourists full reign to bring the party to the street?

Waikiki Beach

Oh sure, tourists in rented Mustang convertibles might not like being banned from cruising Kalakaua Avenue, but making it safer for drunk tourists to stumble from hotel bars across the street to the beach is good for everyone!

Beverly Hills and Hollywood

I just want to see the reaction of SoCal socialites no longer allowed to drive their Range Rovers to Rodeo Drive. Making them take the bus would be great entertainment. I wonder if they’d still bring their Chihuahuas?

Where else should traffic be banned in order to become more pedestrian friendly?


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  1. nice goin Khan ! screw up life for the rest of us . pedestrians belong at home! Cars r 4 Cruisin!!!!!!!!!!!

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