The Cars of “Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen”


Critics have panned the new Transformers movie, but box-office receipts already total over $200 million, which is proof that folks love the giant transforming Chevrolets.

Here’s a list of the GM Transformers and their availability (just in case you want to park an autobot in your garage!):

Chevy Volt: Jolt

Prototypes of the electric Volt are starting to turn up, and it looks like we could see a 2011 release. By the time it’s available, though, hype generated from the movie will be long gone.

Chevy Camaro: Bumblebee


Put your order in now! Chevy has already received 10,000 orders in front of yours, but the Camaro was the best selling American muscle car last month. Order one, and you will get it.

Chevy Stingray Concept: Sideswipe


It’s doubtful anyone will ever get their right foot onto the accelerator pedal of this hot concept… it was built just for the movie. This split-window hottie is one of the coolest concepts to ever carry the Chevy name, but it’ll remain a fantasy.

Chevy Trax: Mudflap


In the movie, Mudflap and Skidz are horribly unfortunate stereotypes. In the real world, the Trax is a concept that made the auto show rounds along with the Beat and the Groove. The closest America will get anytime soon is a 2011 Chevy Spark.

Chevy Beat: Skidz


This Beat is the second half of the putrid and offensive robot twins. Again, you’ll have to settle for the Spark if you want to buy one. Let’s hope the production version isn’t as offensive as the movie twins….

GMC Topkick: Ironhide


Ironhide is perhaps the toughest of the autobots, but the Topkick and Chevy’s Kodiak will cease production at the end of this month.  The good news is that you can find used ones all over the Internet!

What about the real star of the show? Well, Megan Fox isn’t available for purchase. Ok, okay… the real star….

Optimus Prime


He’s been a Transformers fixture since I was a kid, and lucky for us he’s remained the same through the years: Optimus is none other than a mid-’80s Peterbilt.

Have you seen the new Transformers movie? Which car would you want parked in your garage?



  1. yo man …I have the chevy Beat nw.. was shocked seeing my car in the movie..

  2. Prime is a PETERBILT.. i have the exact truck 389 conventional flat top… My son even calls my truck Prime

  3. Definitaly the GMC TopKick! Who WOULDN’T want Ironhide in your garage or driveway. I know I would.

  4. Well…. Just so YOU know: Prime is a Peterbilt Model 379 in the movie.

    However he’s identified as a Kenworth W900 in merchandises related to the movie, like the video game and the toy.

  5. where can i find the rims that were used on that car? I am dying to find them

  6. camarooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.!*?

    i just and simply love camaro maaaaaaaaaaan

  7. dont you dare disgrace them….both the movies were a journey and your not intellectually graced enough to notice that……….the camaro is the coolest 2010 car and all the other cars in the movie were cool…….yea dont disgrace transformers….escpially since the hottest girl in the world meghan fox is in it

  8. Optimus prime should have been a cab over,and bumblebee a VW Bettle as in the cartoon from the 80’s on this aspect these new movies all suck.But the new Camero Rocks.

  9. @heath thomas just to let you know, despite the fact it may not be SOLD to the public, there’s still a few out there for people to own. a guy who lives in my neighborhood drives one. dont know how he got his hand on it, but i definitely have to try really hard to keep my eyes on the road when that one passes..

    SUCK IT.

  11. i love the stingray..i love all stingrays but i must say that this one is beautiful. One of the best. I love the new corvette stingray. great/beautiful/amazing job to the creators…

  12. yo optimus isnt a Peterbilt hes ither a KenWorth or WesterStar, just so u people Know

  13. i like swerve(like sidways but red)and jolt(if you see him in egypt)he kills swerve!!!!stabs,then shocks,then shoots him.

  14. can someone tell me which is the car that megan fox uses to kill alice in her bot form while escaping ?? its a whitish small car which she uses to ram alice ( in her bot form ) against a pole…???

  15. i love camaro i own 3 of them but all 89 to 2000 but i think i would say the GMC TOPKICK 4500 AKA Ironhind….big ass truck that what i woukd have

  16. I think that the Chevy Vette Stingray is on of the NASTIEST cars I have ever seen n my whole freakin life if Chevy ever did make one I would sell my wife just 2 get 2 drive the thing camaro is also a very badass car what about the motorcycle chicks

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