Oaxaca Cars: from Suburbans to Custom VWs

Chevy Suburban

Cars in Mexico are usually colorful, and a lot of advertising gets done via automobile. This Suburban (I think it’s a Suburban!) is touting Huatulco, a resort community into which the government has put serious money. Most likely some of that ended up decorating this travel firm’s carro.

Oaxaca is experiencing big traffic problems, and you hear lots of horns sounding off, particularly on Friday afternoons as people try to get out of the city. City government is also tearing up and repairing many downtown streets, which creates clouds of dust (polvo) in this dry season and angry reactions from residents. The typical comment is that the repairs are only coming now, just before the elections.

VW bugThe stink from countless exhaust emissions (gasoline and, especially, diesel) is not one of the pleasant aspects of living here. Mexico is not the land of the catalytic converter, especially since there are so many older cars.

But cars are king here, vehicles for one’s personal expression. This custom, sectioned VW Bug is usually parked downtown and gives new meaning to the term “short,” which is the term jazz musicians once used for a car. I was thinking of leaving a note to ask the owner about its history. There has got to be a good story there.

VW BugCars like the hot Jetta (below) are fairly common. People who have a few pesos love to customize their vehicles this way, and it’s great—like the heyday of the U.S. hotrod in the 1950s.

Hot JettaLet us know if you have any Mexican car photos—or comments on the short Bug.


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