The Best Cars You Haven’t Driven


We, as humans, tend to fall into ruts. We find something we like, and then we either forget to try anything else or get so wrapped up that we just assume our choice represents the best choice possible. This is true in everything from ice cream to cars.

Personally, I’m a vanilla guy. I go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt, or “fro-yo,” as the kids say these days, and I always get vanilla, because I like it, and I know what to expect. Oddly enough, I’m not like that with cars. I like variety and have driven nearly every make and model out there. I’ve owned models from Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Suzuki, Subaru, Jaguar and Audi.

Because of my vast experience behind the wheel, I can help you find the diamond you might never have considered. In return I’ll just ask for your advice on branching out from vanilla.

Here are the best cars you haven’t driven, but probably should:

Mazda3 and Mazda6

2014 Mazda 6

I speak of the new ones here. Previous to 2014, the Mazdas were pretty much like any other small car in existence. In 2014, though, something changed. They gained a whole new personality. They are mature and refined and exude a quality and sexiness that has never before befitted a Mazda. Buy one. Heck, buy two.

Suzuki Kizashi

suzuki kizashi

You laugh. This car, no longer available new, offers a value like nothing else on the market today. Its looks are somewhere between conservative and edgy. That sounds funny, I know. The Kizashi, though, is one of those inexpensive finds that offers an air of exclusiveness, because very few people ever purchased one new. It offers safety, comfort, reasonable performance and even all-wheel drive.

Acura RLX

2013 acura rlx

If you have a thing for understated elegance and wanting your privacy, this is the car for you. When new, the RLX stalled on dealer lots, because it was overpriced, and consumers saw it as nothing more than a Honda with a spit shine. Now that used models exist, good bargains can be had, and you’ll cruise through your town without ever turning a head.

Volkswagen Tiguan

2014 Volkswagen Tiguan SUV S 4dr-Front-wheel-Drive-Photo-4.png

Get less for more. When new, buyers passed on this small ute, because it offered less space for a lot more money. However, drive a used one and experience the wonder of German engineering while looking way hotter than your neighbor who went all practical and bought a Forester.

What is the best car you’ve ever owned?


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