Did Mercedes-Benz Just Get Caught Copying BMW?


Squashed crossover coupes that try to look like SUVs are officially a thing. From the Land Rover Evoque to the BMW X6, the impractical mash-up between sports coupe and sport utility vehicle has slowly infiltrated the car market.

I don’t know why, exactly, because they don’t sell very well. In fact, the Acura ZDX came and went faster than a Lyrid meteor. Very few ever left dealership lots, probably because the ZDX looked like a duck that had been hit by a car.

Mercedes-Benz wants to take a shot at the crossover coupe and has introduced the Concept Coupe SUV, which the head of design at MB called, “Sensual as a coupe – visionary as an SUV.”

What he should have said is,

“Sensual as a coupe, visionary as an SUV, copy of a BMW.”

The overall design is all Benz, with a familiar face and graceful lines. The shape, though, looks exactly like the X6. EXACTLY. So much so, in fact, that I have to wonder if Mercedes-Benz designers grabbed an X6 and re-badged it. Check out these pictures:



See a similarity?

I realize that automakers copy each other all the time, especially with successful models, but to blatantly copy a marginally popular car reeks of pure desperation.

This could, of course, be pure coincidence. It’s possible that designers created an identical shape by chance; there are only so many ways to create a squashy looking coupe crossover.

I will say that given the choice between the Mercedes and the X6, I’ll take the Mercedes, because that company did a better job taking an ugly form and making it at least somewhat attractive.

Did Mercedes-Benz copy the shape of the BMW X6?


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