Would You Drive Your Dream Car Every Day?

Ferrari FF

What’s your daily driver?

Most of us have a car we drive every day to work, to the grocery store and to the corner market when we’re jonesin’ for a peach Snapple.

The car that transports us in our daily activity usually is not the same car we dream of cruising, or racing, on the weekends. Whether it’s a project car or an off-the-lot new car that you’ve always dreamed of owning, odds are you’re not going to drive it every day once it’s been obtained.

But you know what? Maybe you should.

I read an article about a guy who is creating his dream car and also using it as his daily driver. It’s not my kind of car, but it’s obvious this guy loves it and that’s something from which we should all take inspiration. He says:

My car is a 2007 Honda Civic Si. I have a full coilover suspension and full JDM rear conversion. It’s got 18″ CCW wheels I custom painted. The faces they are “plum crazy” purple with orange and purple metal flake, which I also used on my quick release NRG hub and some interior and engine pieces. I fell in love with this body style. The curves and shape the car has are just sexy to me. I thought this would be a nice project. My car is special because it’s different from any other car out there. I try and make it different to stand out from the crowd. It’s not something you see in everyday traffic. We need more cars on the road that aren’t every day cars.

Granted, even a heavily modified Civic is still a common car, but at least this particular one is being loved and driven.

On a drive to Seattle last week, a car more to my tastes passed in the other direction: a Ferrari FF.

I visited the Ferrari dealer in Seattle about a year ago, and the salesman said the FF is a popular car for the wealthy to use in their everyday travels. If I had the means, I know I’d be the same. Why have a dream car if you don’t let it loose and enjoy it every day?

Would you use your dream car as a daily driver or save it for special occasions?


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