Win $90 Million, Buy a… Subaru!?

Even the Forester is someone's dream car

Even the Forester is someone’s dream car

If you won a $90 million jackpot, would you stay loyal to your car brand?

With the odds of winning the Powerball at about 1 in 175 million, most of us will never have to worry about the trouble of picking out a new car after winning big.

Should the gods of wealth ever grace me with some big bucks, I’ll look away from Audi and purchase a Porsche 911 Turbo. Probably a 1988 version! And a new Aston Martin would look pretty good parked next to it, though that might come across as too greedy.

A lady right here in my home state won the $90 million Powerball just after Thanksgiving and treated herself to perhaps the most popular car on the roads here: a Subaru Forester.

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Would You Drive Your Dream Car Every Day?

Ferrari FF

What’s your daily driver?

Most of us have a car we drive every day to work, to the grocery store and to the corner market when we’re jonesin’ for a peach Snapple.

The car that transports us in our daily activity usually is not the same car we dream of cruising, or racing, on the weekends. Whether it’s a project car or an off-the-lot new car that you’ve always dreamed of owning, odds are you’re not going to drive it every day once it’s been obtained.

But you know what? Maybe you should.

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A Magical Way to Afford Your Dream Car?

2008 Porsche 911 Targa 4S

Today I’m test-driving a Porsche.

I have two dream cars, one of which is an Aston Martin, the other is a Porsche. Not just any Porsche, but a very specific Porsche. I don’t want a Boxster. Never will I touch a 914. I could live with a Cayman S Black Edition. The car I really want, though, is a 911 Targa 4S.

My local dealer knows this, and I received an email containing a picture of a 2008 Targa 4S, along with an invite to come drive it. The problem, of course, is that there’s little chance I’ll be able to afford the ’08. An ’02 is not out of the question, but I don’t believe there was a Targa that year.

I mention this Porsche drive only because yesterday I happened to stumble across an article titled “Three Sensible Ways to Afford Your Dream Car.”

I thought maybe it was a sign. I thought maybe there was a revelation inside that would allow me to drive home in a new-to-me 911. I had high hopes.

Then I read the article. The first suggestion:

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