The Six Most Attractive, and Affordable, Cars on the Market


Let’s take a few minutes to appreciate the beauty that surrounds us all.

I’m not talking about dumb stuff like mountains and rivers; I’m talking about real beauty, like every time we see a new Kia on the road.

We may not naturally associate things like Kias with beauty, but the once-mocked Korean brand has officially become one of the most attractive cars on the road. Well, one of the most attractive affordable cars anyway.

Keep reading for rest of the most attractive, and attainable, cars available today.

Subaru Legacy


Not the 2012 version and not the 2015 version, but anything in between. This car is hot! We’re talking BMW hot.

BMW 3 Series


Speaking of BMW, any generation of 3 Series has the ultimate driving proportions to compliment the ultimate driving machine.

Audi A4


These cars are breathtaking. With those menacing eyes and slippery shape, it’s hard to find a better-looking car at any price.

Kia Optima


Can you believe it? A Kia is snapping necks around the world! Double takes and low utterances of, “That’s a Kia?” follow this car wherever it goes.



This car was a looker since the day it came out. Buy brand new or a decade old and you’re sure to have a ride that looks better than 90 percent of the cars in your town.

Jaguar F-Type


This is, hands down, the best looking car on the market. Supercars included. Is it affordable? Yes, if you compare it with a Ferrari.

What’s the best-looking affordable car on the market?


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