The New Car That Costs $89 Per Month

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It’s like we’re living in 1963.

I honestly don’t know when the average car payment in the United States was below $100, but I do know that today it sits at just over $480. If you buy or lease a new car in this country, odds are pretty good that you’ll be somewhere in the $200-$500 per month range. The lower end of that range is reserved for low-payment leases and bottom-of-the-barrel entry-level cars.

So when one of the world’s largest automakers promotes an $89 lease, or even lower in some areas, people will pay attention.

The lease is being offered in some parts of the country on the Volkswagen Jetta, a car already ubiquitous among economical sedans.

The bargain lease deals on the $17,325 Jetta are available after a $2,500 down payment and run over a 3-year term. Automotive News says the offer went as low as $39 per month in San Jose, Calif., and $99 in Boston. For some perspective, the total cost on the $39 lease, including down payment and 36 monthly payments, is just $3,904.

These ultra-low lease payments tell me two things:

  1. Volkswagen is struggling and needs to move cars.
  2. Volkswagen is amping up for something new.

Volkswagen is the world’s second-largest automaker but strives to overtake Toyota to become number one. Sales in the U.S. have declined over the last two years, which obviously is keeping VW from reaching its goal. By lowering lease prices on the Jetta, the company can pump up sales numbers while hoping to lock in buyers for something new at the end of their leases.

In short, the theory is that low lease prices move more cars now and can lead to higher-priced purchases in the future. The strategy is sound, because all people who lease new cars must return to their dealer in 3 years, when they’ll see all the new vehicles Volkswagen has been working on.

But there’s a downside.

Customers aren’t likely to stay with Volkswagen after their lease ends if they haven’t been happy with their stripped-down basic cars. Plus there’s a risk that they’ll perceive VW as an ultra-cheap brand and have a hard time justifying a higher-priced purchase.

Regardless of Volkswagen’s motives, the immediate benefit to car buyers is clear. If you’re in the market for a new car, it’s probably worth checking out your local Volkswagen dealer to see what kind of lease options are available in your area.

Would you lease a new Jetta for $89 per month?


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  1. Right now I would love to leave ANYTHING is reliable, safe, runs well, and has low miles. But the reality is, when you go to finalize these unbelievable offers that is just what they are “unbelievable.” If I apply online an am told I can get a car for a certain price, that is what I expect. I hate playing games. I am on a low budget and need a car, but may very well loose my job because of dealership games.

  2. I am looking for a reliable vehicle that is less than $90.00 a month. I live in Ottawa, Kansas zipcode 66067. My car broke down, my significant other has dementia and I am in need of transportation for his many doctor visits.

  3. I am looking for a used low mileage car 2015/2016 for $39 down and $99 per month. Dealer would be in Rockwall, Garland or Greenville, TX

  4. Hello I will like more information regarding the car for sale . Would please send me the phone number to call

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