Alfa Romeo Giulia: Hard to Say, Easy to Love


I have mixed emotions about the arrival of the Alfa Romeo Giulia in the United States.

On one hand, it’s one of the biggest moments in the history of cars in this country. On the other hand, the Pagani Huayra is no longer the hardest car name for me to spell and pronounce. If this thing takes off, I’m going to have to commit the spelling to memory.

Darn you, Giulia.

Thank you, Giulia.

Alfa Romeo this week has revealed its all-new, highly anticipated, Giulia sedan for the world to admire. It’s something special, even if you never figure out how to say it.

The Giulia is Italy’s answer to the German BMW M3 and Audi S4. On looks alone the Italians have the advantage. The Giulia has an exotic look compared with the comparatively dull BMW and Audi.

According to the Alfa press release, the Giulia boasts a 50/50 weight distribution, standard torque vectoring, and an active aero splitter for handling and aerodynamics. Oh, and a 6-cylinder engine with 510 horsepower at the lucky driver’s disposal.

Much of this technology is inspired by Ferrari and results in a 0-62-mph sprint of 3.9 seconds. Granted, those numbers will probably be found only for the top-level trim and cost somewhere around a billion dollars (give or take), but that performance combined with those luscious curves should be well worth it.

We mentioned the Alfa Romeo 4C briefly yesterday, which is an equally stunning car. The Giulia marks the second entry for Alfa into the U.S. market and the first sedan here in more than 20 years.

Can it succeed here?

There weren’t any other details released about the car, so its success will depend a lot on pricing, interior appointments, technology, and, of course, driving characteristics and build quality. We do have a sneak peek into what those 510 horses will sound like, and it’s pretty:

Seeing as how Alfa Romeo descends from the same bloodlines as Ferrari and Fiat, I think the odds are pretty good that the Giulia will set a new standard in the luxury performance sedan segment.

Even if we can’t pronounce it’s name.

How much do you love the Alfa Romeo Giulia’s looks?


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  1. Having had a 1982 mint green spider veloce as my very first car, I will trade in my hybrid for this baby!!! OMG… I am absolutely drooling!

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