Why Winter is the Perfect Time to Buy a Convertible

The forever churning stock of the used car market makes it almost impossible for the average dealership to entirely avoid a situation where supply outweighs demand.

Sometimes this could be due to Government policy (the current downturn in demand for diesel being a prime example), while at others it might be the simple result of newer, fresher models being launched, leaving their predecessors fighting for attention. Or, as is the case today, the unintended oversupply of a particular type of car might come down to something as simple as the changing of the seasons. That’s right folks, it’s time to don those bobble hats and go in search of a convertible. Continue reading >>>

Small and Fun, Not Big and Heavy

MAZDA MX-5 Miata

There’s no better time to think about a small, sporty roadster than in the middle of winter.

That must be why a friend asked yesterday what car I’d recommend if he’s looking for a somewhat low-maintenance, small, sporty convertible to add some fun into his otherwise mundane life. Naturally, my thinking went straight to cars like the Porsche 911 before he dropped this little factoid:

He doesn’t want to spend any more than $5,000.

My friend mentioned a Miata, a used version of which could certainly be had within the budget. But come on. What self-respecting man drives a $5,000 Miata for fun? Here are the options he should consider, even if it means plunking down a few extra bucks:

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