Today’s Most Popular Cars From the 1980s

1988 Pontiac Fiero

As time goes on and we look back at decades past, the ’80s become a weirder time for everyone. It was a pretty good time for cars, though, to be honest. Cars from the ’80s are still holding up to this day, and finding these 30-plus-year-old vehicles is becoming more desirable for some people. A lot of cars from the ’80s still move off sales lots pretty quickly. Not too surprising when these American classics are becoming increasingly rare and desirable. Many have long been discontinued, and that rarity has only increased their value.

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Cars Coming Soon: Chevrolet Impala, Traverse and Trailblazer

2014 Impala teaser

Name the most generic, boring car you’ve ever had the displeasure to drive. Or ride in.

I’ll go first: a Chevy Impala.

For the sake of full disclosure, I’ll admit the only Impala I’ve ever driven (or hitched a ride in) came from the fleet of a rental company. Right off the bat that means I got the most boring version of what might be the most boring car ever made. In my humble opinion, GM may as well have put a brown paper sack on wheels and called it good.

So news of a new 2014 Impala doesn’t necessarily instill feelings of great anticipation. Maybe, though, I’ll be surprised.

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