The Incredible Legacy of Carroll Shelby

1967 Shelby Cobra

Carroll Shelby: Chicken farmer.

Carroll Shelby: Chili entrepreneur.

Carroll Shelby: Race driver.

Carroll Shelby: Car designer.

Word spread quickly when the automotive world lost an icon late last week. Of course, car people knew Carroll Shelby as the legend behind the Shelby Cobra and, later, the Shelby Mustang. The one-time chicken farmer had more than a half-dozen successful careers during his long life, though, including racing-team owner, automobile manufacturer, automotive consultant, safari-tour operator, storyteller, chili entrepreneur and philanthropist.

But, of course, it’s the cars that made him a legend.

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The Most Powerful Production V8 in the World Belongs to the Mustang

2013 Ford Shelby GT500

Here come the superlatives!

The biggest. The best. The most powerful. The awesomest. (I made that last one up, but I like it.)

Yes, the battle to be the best has all come down to this. In our modern world of American muscle cars, where horsepower is king and dyno tests reign supreme, we have a new champion. A new wearer of the crown for the Most Powerful Production V8 in the World!

The 2013 Ford Shelby GT 500.

This is significant for two reasons.

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