Should a First Car Be a Supercar?

2006 Lamborghini Murcielago

Life is good when your first car is a Lamborghini.

At least, it appears to be good if you’re the kid enjoying the attention your car generates. Onlookers, on the other hand, will assume the kid behind the wheel is either a spoiled a brat or a rebel secretly taking his dad’s car out for a spin.

Kids everywhere dream of owning a supercar as their first vehicle, but there aren’t too many in the world who actually see it happen. The ones who do are proof that no child, regardless of wealth, should ever get behind the wheel of anything but an Accord.

I sometimes participate on the Q&A website Quora, where this question was posed:

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The Perfect Teen Car for Back to School

Smart Fortwo, front

The arrival of September signals the departure of endless boat days, the end of steamy summer nights and, for nearly everyone, a reintroduction to the snooze button as school gets under way.

Not all of us go to school, of course, but odds are if we aren’t in school, we have kids who are dreading the idea of going back.

Parents of teens may have kids who have the ability, or at least the legal right, to drive themselves to school. This raises the question of what kind of vehicle they can be trusted with. For them I’d like to introduce the perfect back-to-school car.

Perfect, though, is just a matter of perspective…

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