1963 Corvette Split Window: The President’s Childhood Dream Car


Who is the coolest car guy America has ever seen?

There would be a long list of names vying for that crown. James Dean, Steve McQueen, Jay Leno, and even Vice President Joe Biden might be considered top contenders.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is making a convincing case for himself as he drives some of the coolest cars known to man while chauffeuring comedians to coffee shops and discussing random idiosyncrasies of the world. His show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” just kicked off its seventh season.

Seinfeld’s first guest of the season is President Barack Obama, an unlikely car guy who may not earn the honor of the greatest car guy ever, but might have just cemented himself as one of the coolest car guys of the year.

After casually rolling up to the White House in a classic 1963 Corvette Stingray Split Window Coupe, Seinfeld knocks on Obama’s office window, gets invited in, slumps on a couch, takes a bite out of an apple, makes some funny banter as Obama works, and then the two hit the road.

The silver blue split-window ‘Vette features a 327-cubic-inch V8 engine and knock-off wheels. Seinfeld considers this the coolest Corvette ever, and Obama said it’s his childhood dream car. The split-window was only made in 1963 and is one of the rarest Corvettes in existence today.

In previous episodes, Seinfeld and his guest drive to a coffee shop or restaurant in the featured car for a hilarious chat, but things had to happen a little differently this time. Apparently a comedian can’t just drive the president off of White House grounds, so Obama and Seinfeld instead had to settle for a quick drive around the property and then head back to the White House break room to chat.

The president took the wheel of his dream car following their talk, and managed to lay into the throttle and even squawk the tires. The coolest president the U.S. has ever seen combined with the coolest Corvette the U.S. has ever built makes for some compelling viewing.

My childhood dream car is the 1965 Ford Mustang, and, surprisingly enough, I’ve never driven one.

Maybe when I’m president.

What’s your childhood dream car? Have you ever driven it?


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