Jerry Seinfeld Sends $10 Million Worth of Porsches to the Auction Block


Remember when we said that Barack Obama might be the coolest car guy ever? Well, he’s not.

In that same article we mentioned that Jerry Seinfeld could be making a case for himself with his web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

Little did we know that Mr. Seinfeld is one of the world’s most exclusive Porsche collectors and owns one of the rarest stables of Porsches known to exist, including the very first 911.

That automatically ranks Seinfeld in the upper echelon of car guys, no questions asked. Three of his rarest vehicles will go on sale at auction in March, and are expected to fetch a staggering sum.

Here are the cars going up for sale:

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1963 Corvette Split Window: The President’s Childhood Dream Car


Who is the coolest car guy America has ever seen?

There would be a long list of names vying for that crown. James Dean, Steve McQueen, Jay Leno, and even Vice President Joe Biden might be considered top contenders.

Comedian Jerry Seinfeld is making a convincing case for himself as he drives some of the coolest cars known to man while chauffeuring comedians to coffee shops and discussing random idiosyncrasies of the world. His show, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” just kicked off its seventh season.

Seinfeld’s first guest of the season is President Barack Obama, an unlikely car guy who may not earn the honor of the greatest car guy ever, but might have just cemented himself as one of the coolest car guys of the year.

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Celebrities and Their Cars Make Us Cringe

Flo Rida and his chrome Bugatti Veyron

On Fridays we like to lighten things up around here. Sometimes that means we’ll share some of our favorite car videos or create lists of our favorite convertibles or even give our opinion on the sexiest sedans.

Other times we shake our collective head in disbelief as we witness the crazy world of celebrities and their cars. Nothing should surprise us, considering celebs have barrels of money and like to use expensive cars as symbols of their success. Maybe becoming a celebrity should require taking a performance driving class, because the cars they buy usually have an absurd amount of power that should be left to the hands of trained professionals only.

Keep reading for some of the latest antics involving celebrities and their cars.

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Cars (and Car Shows) Coming Soon: Seinfeld, Gervais, Baldwin and David Tease Mystery Project

I’m not personal friends with Jerry Seinfeld, Ricky Gervais, Alec Baldwin or Larry David. If I were, though, I’d call them up and ask what’s going on. I’ve been hearing all kinds of rumors and teases about some kind mystery project the four comedians are working on together.

Normally, as funny as those four would be on the same screen, they wouldn’t be enough to inspire a post here on these hallowed car pages. But there are signs that the mystery project could be a car show of some kind.

That, while pure speculation and based on only small clues, would be the most amazing show to hit television in America since Top Gear. And not the American version, but the real one, with Jezza, Hamster and Captain Slow.

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Super Bowl Ads Shouldn’t Be Seen Before the Super Bowl

Honda's Ferris Bueller Super Bowl ad

I don’t believe that Super Bowl ads should be shown prior to the Super Bowl.

I know companies love the extra hype and attention it brings, but to me, it’s like when a movie preview shows all the funny parts. It sucks all the joy out of the actual movie.

While I enjoy the Super Bowl for the football, the ads have always been a fun surprise bonus. Now it seems companies want to take that surprise away.

Auto companies, according to Neilsen, advertise more than any other industry during the Super Bowl. That’s really cool, but I don’t want to see their ads until Sunday evening. In protest of all the early debuts and blatant self-promotion, I have refused to watch a single Super Bowl ad, even though they abound on YouTube and every automotive blog in existence.

Some of the ads look really funny and are videos I’d watch in a second if they were not Super Bowl ads. I’m a Jerry Seinfeld fanatic. I really like the Suzuki Kizashi. Videos featuring Victoria’s Secret models tend to get my attention. Volkswagen’s Little Vader is rumored to be making a return. Ferris Bueller’s coming back for Honda. Count me in! Just not yet.

Instead of showing you all the commercials here, I’ll show you pictures from some. You’ve probably already seen the ads, but I’m excited to watch the game and see them in the environment they were meant to be seen in. What about you?

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