Some Say the Sports Car Is Dying, But We Beg to Differ


Some say sports cars are in serious trouble.

Generally speaking, yes, it could be argued that sports cars have lost popularity in recent years, and some reports say that sales are down.

Sports cars, it is argued, are losing ground because they can’t take the family to Costco, are surrounded by massive SUVs, and have no use in an Uber-dominated world.

But hold on a minute. Before we go writing the obituary for the high-performance sports car, let’s remember a few things.

I think the argument in favor of sports cars can be summed up with this one text from my dad yesterday. He said,

So I am following a car carrier up the highway, and on the top rack is a new cherry red Ford Shelby GT350. I couldn’t see much of the upper body work, but I could see the undercarriage. Simply put, it was beautiful. The suspension, the exhaust, the driveline… it was spotless, and it looked so well-designed. Sometimes I think people forget to look underneath where everything happens. Just looking at that undercarriage made me want to drive that car.

The thing is, sports cars invoke emotion and excitement in people unlike any other kind of vehicle. You’d never see anyone sending a text like that about a 4Runner. Sports cars today have nothing to do with practicality or Costco runs. They exist for the pure pleasure of driving something that was engineered for the sole purpose of delivering performance.

Sports cars are not dying.

The Porsche 911 continues into 2017 as perhaps the most accomplished sports car ever built. The Chevy Camaro has evolved into a true sports car. Ford has that exceptional GT350. Toyota will sell the 86. Mazda’s MX-5 Miata is still a hit. There’s the Boxster. Cayman. Z4. F-TYPE. Shall I keep going?

Sports cars aren’t going anywhere. They will evolve and shift over the coming years, and some will even forgo their petrol power in favor of amp hours, but they won’t ever die.

No other car will result in a skipped heartbeat and a lust for driving like a sports car. Even if you only catch a glimpse of the undercarriage.

Are there any sports cars in your future?


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