CarGurus Gives Cars a Voice with DriverFinder

Today CarGurus officially launches DriverFinder, a revolutionary new feature that gives car shoppers even more assurance that the car they find is right for them. In this age of advanced AI technologies and self-driving cars, the line between cars and people has blurred. CarGurus is now able to leverage these technological advancements to provide a way for shoppers to better communicate with their potential cars. Until today, car shopping left vehicles with no chance to voice their opinions, and now with DriverFinder, CarGurus allows you to take their feelings into consideration.

While we have traditionally provided a marketplace for shoppers to chat with and receive more information about a car from a seller, cars can now get that same level of information about their potential buyers. DriverFinder extends CarGurus’ ability to provide the right car for shoppers by giving the car a real voice in the transaction. This brings the vehicle’s own emotion into the car-buying process and ultimately delivers a deeper, longer-lasting connection between the car and its owner.

“CarGurus is built on the premise of transparency and helping people find the right car for them, but the last thing we want is a match that has taken only money and features into account without factoring in the car’s point of view,” said Jasper Rosenberg, Car Whisperer here at CarGurus. “No one has ever asked a car’s opinion of their potential owner, and we want to bring that deeper connection to the car-buying process. As of today, cars finally have a voice, thanks to CarGurus’ DriverFinder.”


Just go to to start getting to know cars on a more personal level. Chatting through DriverFinder is as easy as finding a car with our search engine. When you think a car looks right for you, just click the “Chat with Car” button on that page to begin your car-versation.

“I really could have used this service when I was for sale,” said CEO Langley Steinert’s Toyota Highlander. “Sure, I live in a nice cozy garage, but my seats are more fur and crumbs than leather thanks to the three kids and two dogs! I’m just relieved that cars finally have a voice, just like everyone else.”

We plan to build on this new platform in the coming year by allowing cars to access important driver-history information, such as medical and financial records. This will allow the vehicle to select a driver and transact completely online, arriving in its new owner’s driveway without the hassle of any human interaction.

And if you’ve read this far, we hope you’ve realized this is a joke. Happy April Fools’ Day!

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  1. Hi John. It me, your Kia. That’s right…remember me. You left me in your parents driveway when you left for college and never came back.
    They traded me in for some slutty convertible. Now I’m being beaten and modified by some teenage motorhead. If only you knew how ridiculous I look chopped, with so much negative camber, it takes all I have to circle the block avoiding potholes and small insects. And the new sound system…so much reverb that one of my tail light bezels fell out at a red light last week. But “Mr. F1” fixed that with red duct tape, so that was nice.
    I did get one mod that I do like…GPS and I can access the googlenet through this app sooo… BEEEEEPPP!
    How do you like your new app now! BAWHAHAH!!!

    Happy April Fools Day

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