Honda Ridgeline: The Best Midsize Pickup?

2017 Honda Ridgeline

Don’t say you saw this coming: The Honda Ridgeline is making a name for itself as a competitive midsize pickup.

In fact, it’s creating a new niche of buyers who want the handling, ride, and everyday drivability of a sedan with the ability to haul loads of stuff every now and then.

The Chevy Colorado and Toyota Tacoma offer that combination platter of capability, but the Ridgeline turns the dial up to 11, and buyers are taking notice.

The thing is, Honda is scooping up buyers before Ford has the chance with its all-new Ranger.

One of Ford’s biggest mistakes was discontinuing the Ranger. That move happened just before GM relaunched its midsize trucks and market demand exploded. Honda swooped in and introduced the new Ridgeline just in time to take advantage.

Meanwhile, Ford’s reintroduction of the Ranger won’t happen until next year. Just in time, perhaps, for the market to stagnate.

The Truth About Cars says,

Honda’s second-generation Ridgeline has returned with a vengeance, enjoying favorable reviews and posting sales volume not witnessed in over a decade. While Honda still doesn’t move nearly as much midsized metal as Toyota’s Tacoma (which sold 191,631 units in the U.S. in 2016), the Ridgeline proves there is space in the marketplace for more than just body-on-frame offerings.

Purchasing a Ridgeline won’t get buyers more horsepower, payload capacity, or towing capacity than the other midsize trucks. It will, however, provide similar numbers while delivering best-in-class fuel economy and interior comfort.

That’s where the Honda is redefining the category. Its buyers don’t want or need the bragging rights of being able to tow more than the neighbor’s pickup, they just want to ride in style and comfort while driving to work and towing small toys on the weekends.

The Honda Ridgeline is finding its way into garages across America. Would it be perfect for you?


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