Chevy Blazer: The Legend (Sort of) Returns

We all know that the Ford Bronco is coming back, probably as the rugged off-roader that we all hoped it would be. That’s certainly good news for the hardcore Bronco fanbase but a little off-putting to the people who prefer their off-roaders to wear a bow tie.

Chevy’s Bronco-buster, the Blazer, slowly morphed into the TrailBlazer and then the Traverse, which rendered it mostly useless on the trails where the Blazer once roamed.

Last week, news started circulating that the Blazer would return for 2019. Exciting, right?

Not so much. Get ready to find out what disappointment feels like, Blazer fans.

Chevy will revive the name next year on a new midsize crossover set to compete with the Nissan Murano and Ford Edge, rather than as an off-road SUV. Chevy is testing Blazer mules now. Automotive News says,

The two Chevrolet crossover prototypes were photographed testing in two different trim levels. The lower-tier prototype featured smaller wheels and dual circular exhaust tips. The more upmarket prototype was fitted with larger chrome wheels and lower-profile performance tires. The angular exhaust tips were molded into the rear fascia.

The two prototypes reportedly had GM’s 2.5-liter, four-cylinder engine and a 3.6-liter, V-6 engine — the same ones shared with the redesigned GMC Acadia. The Blazer and Acadia will share the same architecture.

So there it is. The Blazer will be back, but in name only. General Motors is clearly chasing the money here and building the kind of vehicle that’s in the most demand right now. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, it just would be nice if Chevy could save the Blazer name for a more appropriate vehicle.

So what do we know about the new Blazer, aside from the name and the engine choices? Not a whole lot, though Chevy may give it a third row of seating, which would set it apart from the Murano and Edge. Chevy has made the Equinox smaller and the Traverse bigger to create a space just large enough to plop in the new Blazer.

Would you buy Chevy’s new midsize crossover just because it’s called a Blazer?


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  1. I have an 04, not the prettiest of cars but it’s a blazer. It makes noises here and there. But it’s still kicking , original engine and trans. Im working on rebuilding all the front and rear suspension. And all body mounts. It’s a keeper. Even with shitty tired it handles mud and off road like a champ. Bring back the off road capable blazer and not some watered down junk for soccer moms

  2. The blazer 4×4 should be and always be a full size blazer 4×4 instead of midsize junk like the auto makers do now for the last 15 years were America come on automakers get with the program and further more i wouldn’t even think of buying a electric junk anyway and i love the gasoline engine than a electric junk anyway

  3. General motors out of touch with the consumer don’t have a clue what to make that will sell Colorado blazer would sell like crazy they could not be able to make enough its a shame they don’t know what would sell or have the people in charge that know nothing about what to make that will sell instead of all mini suv that are about the same you got make what people want that car you are calling a blazer is not it

    • If GM could make whatever it wanted, they would be a full size pickup and SUV company pumping out millions of those things.
      But the federal government mandates that their fleet achieve a combined mileage economy of over 35 miles per gallon now and over 50 miles per gallon in a few years. They can’t hit that MPG requirement if they only build what people want to buy. They have to build what the government wants them to sell.
      Want to know who to blame for GM being “out of touch” as you call it? Blame your Congressman and Senators. They voted for these regulations and you voted for them.

  4. I have a 1996 Blazer. Love it. Most rugged and comfortable suv. I lived in it 4 months when I lost my job because of illness. I love it to this day. Slept in campgrounds where you need a 4×4. AWD will not make it there.

  5. This goes to show how out of touch the general management is with the consumer. Sure this new blazer might be a great vehicle, but it will be met with nothing but anomosity. Chevy owners have a long history of pride, and to take the blazer namesake and bestow it upon yet another crossover for suburban mom’s is disgusting. We crave capable 4×4’s and with the come back of the zr2 Colorado Chevy had a great opportunity to bring back a mid-sized off-road blazer that would challenge the rest of the industry, but no, we get this…

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