Do You Prefer Car Ownership to Car Sharing?


The new Jeep Renegade is a perfect example of an inexpensive, stylish vehicle that millennials love to own.

Young people don’t buy cars, right?

We’ve been hearing it since the millennial generation reached adulthood. The rise of car sharing services such as Uber and Lyft gave pundits and writers evidence to cite, while carmakers and dealers tried to figure out sales tactics to woo young people.

Does the youngest generation really despise car-ownership, though?

Probably not, though they do have certain expectations when considering the purchase of a car.

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Can a Skateboard Replace a Car?

Eventually, man, you'll need a Subaru

Eventually, man, you’ll need a Subaru

When you have a skateboard and access to a bus, why do you need a car?

The fact that young people, those classified as members of Generation Y, are losing interest in cars isn’t shocking news. What is shocking news is that I heard this story discussed on public radio, a sure sign that I’m quickly aging out of the “young and cool” category most of Gen Y fits into.

The story detailed two 20-somethings who have no interest in car ownership, preferring instead to spend their money on things like food and experiences while relying on public transportation and skateboards to get them to the locations of their daily obligations.

There will always be a need for cars, of course, but maybe the next generation will completely redefine how we use them.

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