5 Ways to Save Money and Commute in Style

2012 Hyundai Veloster

Once upon time, buying a commuter car meant sacrificing any hope of an enjoyable driving experience. If you wanted something fun and good looking, you’d have to buy a secondary sports car for the weekends. Weekday commuter cars, at least in the U.S., were inexpensive, fuel efficient and reliable, but about as plain and boring as ordering vanilla ice cream in a parlor of 46 million flavors.

Our economy might be in a sinkhole, but that doesn’t mean people have forgotten about a fun driving experience. We just want it to come in under 20 grand or so while getting good miles per gallon and looking at least somewhat exciting. Like paying the price for vanilla but getting a nice cup of Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls instead.

Keep reading for some of the most fun and good looking commuters available today!

Honda CR-Z

2011 Honda CR-Z

Base MSRP: $19,345
Engine: 1.5-liter, 111-hp 4-cylinder with Honda Integrated Motor Assist Hybrid system
Fuel economy: 31 mpg city/37 highway
Quick thought: For a single person or childless couple (the CR-Z is a two-seater), picking one up on clearance will help avoid the hybrid price premium.

Scion tC

2012 Scion tC

Base MSRP: $18,275
Engine: 2.5-liter, 180-hp 4-cylinder
Fuel economy: 23/31
Quick thought: If you can’t wait for the FT-86, there is good value here.

Hyundai Veloster

2012 Hyundai Veloster

Base MSRP: $18,060 (deliveries just beginning)
Engine: 1.6-liter, 138-hp 4-cylinder
Fuel economy: 28/40
Quick thought: A real head-turner with better highway MPG than the CR-Z hybrid.

FIAT 500

2012 FIAT 500

Base MSRP: $15,500
Engine: 1.4-liter, 101-hp 4-cylinder
Fuel economy: 30/38
Quick thought: Get one while the fad lasts!

MINI Cooper

2012 MINI Cooper

Base MSRP: $19,400
Engine: 1.6-liter, 121-hp 4-cylinder
Fuel economy: 29/37
Quick thought: Hey, I thought this would be a fad too…

Which of these vehicles would you choose for your daily commute?


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  1. I’ll take the Cooper, it’s turned into a classic. (Except the rediculous stretched version.)
    Funny that Honda can’t produce a hybrid that adds all that extra crap and cost and doesn’t do better than conventional. What’s the point, Honda?

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