Wait a Minute, Could Hummer Come Back?

2015 Hummer HX concept

Well, this is embarrassing.

Just this week I said that the return of the Ford Bronco is as likely as a Hummer coming back. Lo and behold, what headline greeted me as I awoke yesterday?

Why GM could revive a Hummer to battle the Jeep Wrangler

How about that.

The headline was more of an attention-grabber, but it proved to me that nothing is impossible, and automakers will do some crazy things to remain competitive. The likelihood of a revived Hummer truly is about zero, but that doesn’t mean General Motors can’t use former Hummer plans and build us something new.

The Hummer HX concept, pictured above, was to become the Hummer H4 and compete with the Wrangler. Obviously that all fell apart with GM’s bankruptcy, but now that things are back on track and gas prices are insanely low, the idea of a GM Wrangler-fighter looks pretty good.

In fact, maybe GM let Hummer go to soon.

The article said,

Sometimes concept cars are little more than mockups; the HX had a full spec sheet, including a 302-hp V-6, removable roof panels and 24 inches of ground clearance. The H4 would have been built off a modified version of GM’s mid-size truck chassis, but the economic collapse and GM’s bankruptcy sank the H4, the entire Hummer brand and the executives who wanted to kick Jeep in the teeth.

This thing was ready to go. Had Hummer stuck around, it probably would be giving Jeep a good fight. Sure, it would have struggled in the days of $4/gallon fuel, but Land Rover survived, so there’s no reason Hummer couldn’t have. Now that the cost of fuel is below $2 in much of the country, Hummer sales would be off the charts.

Need more proof that Hummer could probably thrive in this market? Used Hummers are currently listed for sale at relatively high prices. A late-model H2 can fetch over $50,000, while the more civilian H3 can be found for around $20,000. If there were new ones on the market, especially an H4 to compete against the Wrangler, you can be sure they’d be flying off dealer lots.

GM probably won’t bring the Hummer back, but it could introduce a GMC-badged version of something like the HX concept and attempt to knock Jeep off its perch. It may not happen, but the timing is right.

Should GM bring Hummer back?


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  1. I bought my first Hummer H3 in 2007 and I like it a lot but then in 2008 I H
    heard they was making one with a 5.3 v8 and so I bought a 2008 Hummer H3 Alpha and loved it! It was totaled in 2011. So I then bought a 2010 Hummer H3T Alpha, I seen things on it that made me thing it was in a accident by the bad paint job so I traded it off and still miss it!

  2. We have a 2007 H3 and my wife says it is her favorite auto she has ever had….She has had everything from a Corvette to a Cadillac SUV……. I always wanted the Hummer pickup, but they stopped making them….I hope they bring them back.

  3. My mom has a 07 hummer h3 and everybody loves it ande wants to trade for it and some people want to trade Silverados and Tahoes but my mom says hell nah ican drive this everywhere and can turn easily on a sharp corner and she also wants this h2 my dads friend is trying to trade him for the h3 and my mom says she wants both cus hummers are the best brand and there will never be anything like those SUV s. Gm should of gat rid of some other car but the hummer

  4. If they build a four door HUMMER I’d be glad to trade in my Jeep. If you build it I’ll buy it, I’m just tired of every SUV looking the same, just like cars (I don’t drive cars). I’ve have several Jeeps mainly because of their great looks and you can do so much with them that you can’t do with any other type vehicle. So, if GMC wants to come out with a new Hummer I’m in.

    • I’ve had 3 Hummers and still own and drive 2. Started with an almost new H2 Silver Ice SUT which I totally loved. Next a 99 H1 HMC4 which I totally restored and drive now. Then a 2010 black H3 Alpha which my lovely wife drives daily.
      I miss the H2 terribly and only sold it to make room for a Vette in the garage. Which I now regret as there’s not much chance of getting another silver ice H2 and Corvettes are a dime a dozen.
      I was thinking thinking about getting rid of the H3 and getting my wife an new loaded SUV type AWD vehicle and she flat out refused to let her H3 go. No discussion allowed. She drives the hell out that thing and all it ever needs is normal maintenance. It’s been so practical and reliable. Driving a Hummer is simply a great feeling and I believe they would sell well if GM brought them back. For sure my wife and I would be down for a new H2 and H3 the first day. I miss the H2 every day although the Z06 takes a bit of the sting out. Driving the H1 around is a whole different experience than the other 2 but not more fun.
      I’ve had Jeeps and they are fun too but…..do not compare for the all around Hummer user experience.

  5. Yes, we need a Hummer to drive safely with all the terrorism of protesters blocking our streets and highways.

  6. I have a 06 h3 in victory red leveled and running 35s on stock rim!!! No other vehicle can compare, 150,000 miles and still over 28 mpg on the highway I hope I never have to sell it. And I still get complements on my truck. If I did buy another truck, it would be a lower miles used h3. I work on cars all day as a mechanical service technition, and I can safely say very few vehicles are built this stout.

  7. I have a H3 in green…the best color ever and only made in ’06.
    When the HX (H4) was introduced it was the only time in my life I said I would own 2 vehicles and both would be HUMMERs. If GM bring HUMMER not only I would have 2, but my wife would have also a HUMMER.

    BTW I would never sell my H3

  8. We had an 06 H3 in slate-blue it was the wife’s daily vehicle. Loved it like crazy, but was getting high miles on it. Hey honey, let’s go look at some trucks,,,,,,you ain’t taking or selling my Hummer. She changed her mind when I pulled into the Hummer dealership. Pulled right up to the front doors, she said O’my, would you look at that one. ( I had already called the dealership to hold it for me, I’ll be there tonight) there sat a new 08 H3 in solar flare orange. She asked if we can look at that one, I said go ahead, I’ll be putting the things from this one over to that one,,,,,,,she said what!!!!!!! No honey,I already signed the papers on it , trading in the 06 one. She went nuts,,,,,,,,,feel in love all over again. Come on,,,bring the H3 back.

  9. We have a Hummer H 3 and love it, prior we had a Dodge Durango SLT and the Hummer out classes it . Bring back the Hummer and we’ll buy one.

  10. I own a hummer h3 and i absolutely love it! I’m also a salesman at a jeep store but I can honestly say NONE of these jeeps compare to my hummer!!!! Gas prices are lower now, so bring it back NOW!!!!!!

  11. I bought my 2006 Hummer H3 brand new and will not sell it. I absolutely love this vehicle. If Hummer was brought back, I would immediately buy one! GM please bring it back!!!

    • I, too, own a 2006 H3 and no joke, my Bridgestone tires lasted 145,000 miles and still had tread. It has gotten me out of every major storm in NJ. I now have 170,000 miles ( 95% hwy) I just recently had to change my Right front axel. I have bonded with it and refuse to sell it. It’s a pleasure to drive and being a nurse – gotta get to my job- it delivers!! What to do if it ever breaks forever?? I will have one shipped 500 miles if that’s what it takes lol… Diana

  12. When I saw the H4 concept several years ago I saved up money which I still have ready to buy. I was extremely upset that GM pulled the plug on Hummer production. I don’t see what the GM concern when all my friends that drove Hummers still own their vehicles and drive as normal . They don’t worry about price of gas. Those that could not afford sold quickly to those who can. The demand is there and is very real. These GM Executives need to wake up and realize the huge mistake they are making from keeping the Hummer line on the shelf. If the Hummer H4 comes out I will be the first in line.

  13. I just recently purchased a fully loaded 2010 H3. Everyone kept trying to talk me out of it telling me that the cost of gas would be outrageous. I absolutely LOVE my car and it doesn’t use any more gas than my former jeep Liberty. I plan to keep my car forever. I get approached constantly with people telling me what a sharp car I have. I don’t know why Hummer stopped production but, I sure wish they would start again. I will definitely buy a newer version if it becomes available.

  14. Do you have any developments about the return of the hummer for 2017 please? It has been a full year sionce you wrote this article.

  15. The news that GM might relaunch the Hummer line under the GMC brand is not the same as bringing back the Hummer name. Part of the Hummer appeal is the exclusive brand which is far from the family/work GMC connection. I wouldn’t go for the Hummer-esc GMC. I love my H3 and I am trying not to use it alot so it can live for another 10 years..

  16. If GM want to survive…then, bring the Hummer BACK!

    They will knockout any truck model too!

    As well, if they will do the HX (H4) with:

    1-tow package,
    2-retractable side steps,
    3-mud flaps(I don`t know how it behaves on streets w/o it…?)
    4-the windshield a bit curved(the straight one=the Jeep model is the main issue of it…it keeps cracking on highways, because of gravel!)—->>>Then, it will be a damn good SUV !

    For sure, I will be a customer of Hummer!

    I wonder, how it looks like the 4 doors one? Anyway…bring the Hummer BACK !

  17. I own a 2003 H2. I wouldn’t. Sell for anything else, and I have had offers believe me.
    I don’t understand how Mercedes. G wagons and Rovers as well as others like Bentley, Lamborghini,even Ferrari. Are building exotic SUVs.
    Yes !!! There is a market.

  18. I personally feel the Hummer brand was one of the best vehicles GM or anyone for that matter ever produced. I own a 2005 H2 SUT going on twelve years and I love this vehicle to death. I sometimes pray at night that GM will bring it back to life. Please God!!!

  19. Yea they made a mistake by closing Hummer, that said I have a 2006 H3 I love and I would only sell it to get another Hummer and I bet there are many people that think the same way. It’s GM’s only main competition for the jeep.

  20. I ordered my 2007 H3 at the dealership and it arrived a few months later. I still have it, although I do not drive it as often (no plans to sell it). GM is making a mistake if it does not bring back HUMMERs (H4) in the near future. People don’t buy a HUMMER thinking about MPG. They buy it because of it’s versatility and adventurism. Just as there is a select market for Escalades, there will always be a market for the HUMMER (especially the smaller H3-types). I hope some GM exec listens to the HUMMER (and outdoor) enthusiasts.

  21. Yes I think that GM should bring back the Hummer division. The unique profile and popularity would rekindle the competition between GM, and other manufacturers that would resemble the “Muscle car competition. I would love to see the HX concept in production with a price tag that would compete with other 4×4’s currently on the market. I know that I am paraphrasing but the people have spoken!

  22. Yes bring back the H2
    I have one since 2003 and refuse to buy anything else. I have been waiting to purchase a new one.
    Please please please bring back the H2


  24. Bring the hummer brand back or re badge the hx and bring it out to battle the wrangler, deposit ready!

  25. Aren’t consumers today savie enough at this point in our new economy not to rely on gas prices to determine a type car to buy? Oil companies, and our Government are just playing games with the general consumer. People, Fuel will rise way before your pour gas mileage SUV is paid off :)

  26. I love, and miss the Hummer brand. This concept looks a lot less heavy and more fuel efficient and practical, but also keeping the iconic Hummer style. If it were priced the same as a Jeep Wrangler I would most likely take one of these instead. I too also think that this is a good time for GM to bring Hummer-like cars back, because of a demand for SUV’s for large families and astronomically low gas prices, there couldn’t be a better time. I think that it’s a shame that the company went out of business, and I think they should take another stab, because I’m all in. There is also a clear liking for the military-style cars because of the Jeep Wrangler.

  27. Just bought a used H3, would totally of picked up an H2 if I could of found one within my budget but absolutely loving it. The H3 did have a very forward looking design though, looks very current with contempory off-road vehicles

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