Wait a Minute, Could Hummer Come Back?

2015 Hummer HX concept

Well, this is embarrassing.

Just this week I said that the return of the Ford Bronco is as likely as a Hummer coming back. Lo and behold, what headline greeted me as I awoke yesterday?

Why GM could revive a Hummer to battle the Jeep Wrangler

How about that.

The headline was more of an attention-grabber, but it proved to me that nothing is impossible, and automakers will do some crazy things to remain competitive. The likelihood of a revived Hummer truly is about zero, but that doesn’t mean General Motors can’t use former Hummer plans and build us something new.

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Cars as Symbols of Wealth and Power


What cars stand for or symbolize in their owners’ minds can be very different from how others perceive those vehicles.

The classic example would be the Hummer. A large number of these were sold—not for off-road, work-truck use, but to make a statement about the driver’s testosterone level. Like NFL players, they were big, strong, powerful and overweight.

They were also heavy polluters, got DOT safety exemptions and an unfair tax deduction for their owners. They made a lot of other drivers angry.

One of our frequent commenters, panayoti, put some thoughts together (see comment #5 here) on why those who buy luxury SUVs (land barges) should be perfectly able to choose and drive what they want without getting dumped on.

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