Wait a Minute, Could Hummer Come Back?

2015 Hummer HX concept

Well, this is embarrassing.

Just this week I said that the return of the Ford Bronco is as likely as a Hummer coming back. Lo and behold, what headline greeted me as I awoke yesterday?

Why GM could revive a Hummer to battle the Jeep Wrangler

How about that.

The headline was more of an attention-grabber, but it proved to me that nothing is impossible, and automakers will do some crazy things to remain competitive. The likelihood of a revived Hummer truly is about zero, but that doesn’t mean General Motors can’t use former Hummer plans and build us something new.

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When Failed New Cars Become Classic Used Cars

Hummer H2

Is there any single automobile that represents failure more than the old Ford Edsel?

No. No, there isn’t. Some modern failures might come close (the Pontiac Aztek comes to mind), but the Edsel remains the epitome of a new car gone bad. It wasn’t supposed to be that way, of course. All the market research and trends of the day pointed to certain success. But, even in the 1950s, the car-buying public was a fickle group, and the Edsel simply crashed and burned.

Which could be why, today, the cars fetch big bucks. What other failures are seeing new life, and what cars today might follow suit? Keep reading to find out!

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