Can a Hyundai Be Better Than a BMW?


There’s something seductive about the idea of buying a used luxury car.

Getting a car that will make friends and family swoon is exciting, so why not cruise around in the kind of style only a used Jaguar or BMW can offer?

Stepping a few model years into the past can get you a car that costs less than an entry-level new car. Plus, used luxury cars usually have better driving dynamics and possess way more brand panache than your average new Hyundai.

However, buying older luxury can cost you more than you might realize, and not just in maintenance costs.

By purchasing used, you’re giving up today’s modern conveniences. Even today’s basic cars come with more safety and technology features than yesterday’s luxury cars. Below is an excerpt from our test drive review of a brand new car. Can you guess the model?

the ____ is available with a premium sound system and a navigation system, each operated using a large 8-inch color touchscreen with clear graphics and responsive virtual buttons. The optional Smart Cruise Control system makes slogging home in traffic easier, thanks to its stop-and-go capability. Plus, the ____ offers a long list of comfort, convenience and safety systems, too.

Just 5 years ago, touchscreen controls and adaptive cruise control were features that might be costly upgrades on a Mercedes-Benz or Audi. Today they are fare for the widely available and easily accessible Hyundai Sonata.


You won’t find blind-spot monitoring, lane-change assist, or lane-departure warnings on older BMWs. Compare the 2015 Sonata against the 2009 3 Series, for example, and you’ll find the BMW has the insanity-inducing iDrive system instead of a touchscreen and no adaptive cruise control.

Car buyers today have access to advanced technology that wasn’t conceivable in vehicles even just a few years ago, which means they face a tough choice: Buy used and get the brand name, or buy new and get the latest technology.

Which would you rather have, a 2015 Hyundai Sonata or a 2009 BMW 3 Series?


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Used Hyundai Sonata
Used BMW 3 Series

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